Woman With  A Bag in Her Hands.
Oil on paper, 52”x38”, 1998
Seated Figure Smiling.
Oil on paper, 53”x38”, 1998
Seated Figure Reading.
Oil on paper,  54”x39”, 1998
Seated Figure on Wassily Chair.
Oil on paper, 53”x38”, 1998
Seated Figure with Books on the Floor.
Oil on paper, 53”x38 1/2” , 1998
 Large Seated Figure.
Oil on paper,  56”x38”, 1998
Seated Figure With Sandals.
Oil on paper, 53”x38”, 1998
Seated Figure with Clasped Hands.
Oil on paper, 56”x38”, 1998
Mixed media,  84”x51” , 1998
Mujer con Bolsa en las Manos.
Oleo sobre papel, 132x97 cm, 1998
Figura Sentada Sonriendo.
Oleo sobre papel 134x97 cm, 1998
Figura Sentada Leyendo.
Oleo sobre papel, 142x97 cm, 1998
Figura Sentada en Silla Wassily.
Oleo sobre papel, 134x97 cm, 1998

Figura Sentadad con Libros en el Suelo.
Oleo sobre papel, 134x100 cm, 1998

Figura Sentada Voluminosa.
Oleo sobre papel, 144x97 cm, 1998
Hombre Sentado con Sandalias.
Oleo sobre papel, 135x97 cm, 1998
Figura Agarrándose las Manos.
Oleo sobre papel,  144x97 cm, 1998
Mixta, 239x130 cm, 1998