(b. 1946)

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·        1973-1978 Rice University. Ph.D. Philosophy.

·        1970-1972 Rice University.   M.A. Philosophy

·        1968-1970 The Colorado College, B.A. Philosophy, Magna Cum Laude.

·        1965-1968 Normal Superior Católica, Cochabamba. Philosophy and Psychology Program.

·        1960-1964 Private studies of Art with Don Raul Prada, Director of the School of Fine Arts of Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Gallery Representation

 Gremillion & Co. Fine Art, Inc.
 2501 Sunset Blvd.
 Houston Texas, 77005 USA
 Tel: 713 522 2701


Solo Exhibitions (selected)

·        The Art Car Museum, Houston, Sep-Nov 2019: Limits and Proximities - A Survey of Works Spanning Four Decades.

·        The Jung Center, Houston, March 2019: Silence, Void, Timelessness.

·        Gremillion and Co. Fine Art Gallery, Houston, Sep-Oct 2018: Limits and Proximities.

·        Gremillion and Co. Fine Art Gallery, Houston, 2014: Co-Constitutions.

·       G Gallery, Houston, 2014: Co-Constitutions.

·        Redbud Gallery, Houston, 2014: Co-Constitutions.

·        Gremillion and Co. Fine Art Gallery, Houston, Nature at the Very Verge, February 2011. 

·        Gremillion and Co. Fine Art Gallery, Houston, 2008. 

·        Gremillion and Co. Fine Art Gallery, Houston, 2005.

·        Gremillion and Co. Fine Art Gallery, Houston, January 2003.

·        Centro de Arte Boliviano Contemporáneo, La Paz and Cochabamba, Bolivia, January 2000.

·        Gremillion and Co. Fine Art Gallery, Houston, January 1999.

·        Windy Morehead Gallery, New Orleans, December 1996.

·        Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago, Chile, April 1966.

·        Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Simon I. Patino, Cochabamba, Bolivia, July 1996.

·        Galeria de Arte, Fundación BHN, La Paz Bolivia, March 1996.

·        Gremillion and Co. Fine Art Gallery,  Houston, April 1995.

·        Fundación Cultural EMUSA, “Kippus Keeping”, La Paz, Bolivia, August 1994.

·        Centro de arte Contemporáneo Simon I. Patino, Cochabamba, Bolivia, November 1993.

·        Trinity Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, October 1992.

·        Fundación Cultural EMUSA,  La Paz, Bolivia, April 1992.

·        Gremillion and Co. Fine Art Gallery, Houston, January 1992.

·        North Harris College Art Gallery,  Houston, January 1991.

·        Blue Mountain Gallery, SOHO, "An Opening of Vision," New York City, June, 1989.

·        Little Egypt Enterprises,  Houston, Texas, June 1989.

·        Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes,  La Paz, Bolivia, July 1988.

·        Salon de Exposiciones Gildaro Antezana,  Cochabamba, Bolivia, June, 1988.

·        Fundación Cultural EMUSA,  La Paz, Bolivia, August 1986.

·        Little Egypt Enterprises,  "Meditations", Houston, September 1982.

·        Duveen Gallery, Houston, November 1979.

·        Heritage Gallery, "Space and Perception", Los Angeles, September 1979.

·        Harriet Griffin Gallery, New York City, 1976.

·        Salon Municipal de Artes Plasticas,  La Paz, Bolivia, February 1973.

·        Salon Municipal de Artes Plasticas,  La Paz, Bolivia, January 1968.

·        Salon Municipal de Exposiciones,  Cochabamba, Bolivia, November 1967.

·        Palacio de la Cultura,  Cochabamba, Bolivia, June 1967.

·        Salon Municipal de Exposiciones, Cochabamba, Bolivia, December 1964.


Group Exhibitions (selected)

·        MotherDog Studios, 26th Annual ARTCRAWL, Houston Nov. 2019.

·        Glassell School - Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Little Egypt Enterprises & Related Studios, Sept.-Nov. 2017.

·        MotherDog Studios, 26th Annual ARTCRAWL, Houston Nov. 2018.  

·        MotherDog Studios, 25th Annual ARTCRAWL, Houston, Nov. 2017.

·        MotherDog Studios, 23rd Annual ARTCRAWL, Houston, Nov. 2016.

·        MotherDog Studios, 22nd Annual ARTCRAWL, Houston, Nov. 2014.

·        Museum of Printing History, The Artist’s Eye, Curated by Elise Armoul Miller, Houston, TX, Jun.-Sept. 2014.

·        MotherDog Studios, 21st Annual ARTCRAWL, Houston, Nov. 2013.

·        Museum of Printing History, Houston Print Making: Its Roots and Future, Houston, TX, Nov. 2012.

·        Museo de Arte Moderno,  "Amistad, Texas Art in Perú", Gus Kopriva, curator,  Trujillo, Perú  2007.

·        Nacional Museum of Peru, “Amistad, Texas Art in Perú”, Gus Kopriva, curator, Lima, Perú  2007 .

·        Gremillion & Co. Fine Art, Inc. Gallery, “The Art of War”, Fernando Castro and Fernando Casas curators 2006.

·        Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes,  Bolivia, Dibujo y Artes Gráficas, Asunción, Paraguay, August 2002.  

·        Museo del Barro,  Arte Contemporáneo Boliviano, Asunción, Paraguay 2002.

·        Gremillion Gallery, Austin, Texas, October 1999.

·        The Museum of Printing History, The Best of Houston’s Printmakers, Houston, TX. February 1997.

·        Galveston Arts Center, Cerling Etching Studio, Galveston, TX. July 1996.

·        Diverse Works, Little Egypt Enterprises show, Houston, TX, November 1992.

·        International Monetary Fund Visitor's Center, "Circumstances, Myth, and Abstraction in Contemporary Bolivian Art", Washington D.C., April 1992.

·        Washington University Gallery of Art, "Printmaker", Washington, D.C., April 1992.

·        North Carolina Museum of Art, "Bolivian Painting", Raleigh, North Carolina, November, 1990.

·        Art League of Houston,  "Fifteen Years of Prints--Little Egypt Enterprises", April, 1987.

·        Hudson River Gallery, "An Eclectic Collection of Art in Various Media", Ossining, New  York, September 1985.

·        Rachel Davis Gallery, Houston, 1985.

·        The Asahi Shimbun Museum, Osaka, Japan, 1985.

·        Midtown Art Center,  "The New Nude", Houston, December 1984.

·        Museum of Fun, Tokyo, Japan, 1984.

·        Midtown Art Center,  Houston, November, 1983.

·        Midtown Art Center,  "Midtown Art Center Premier Event, Houston, November 1982.

·        Houston Arts Calendar and Directory Show,  Sakowitz Post Oak, Houston, September 1982.

·        Harris Gallery, "Selected Prints from 1974 of Little Egypt Enterprises", Houston, TX, October 1982.

·        University of Houston, The Lawndale Annex, "Latin Show", Houston 1981.

·        Galería Garcés Velásquez, "Dibujantes Latinoamericanos en Nueva York", Bogota, Colombia, April 1981.

·        University of Houston, "Art for Our Sake", Houston, October, 1980.

·        Little Egypt Enterprises, "Prints", Houston, July 1980.

·        Moody Gallery, "Prints by Little Egypt Enterprises", Houston, June 1980.

·        Toni Jones Gallery, "Introductions", Houston, July 1979.

·        Moody Gallery, "Little Egypt Print Exhibition", Houston, May-June, 1979.

·        Centro Boliviano Americano,  "Retrospective Exhibition of Four Artists, Cochabamba,  Bolivia, September, 1978.

·        The Center for Inter-American Relations,  "Lines of Vision", New York, February 1977 (Show curated by Barbara Duncan, traveled to many cities in the United States, Canada, and México.

·        Salón Municipal de Exposiciones Pedro Domingo Murillo", La Paz, Bolivia, 1973.

·        Casa Cultura, Santa Cruz, "50 Obras de Cinco Pintores" Bolivia, June 1973

·        Palacio Portales,  Cochabamba, Bolivia, 1972.

·        Palacio de la Cultura, "Salón Municipal de Artes Plásticas, 1972", Cochabamba, Bolivia, September, 1972.



·        Houston Art Tribe's 14th Episode with Kay Sarver featuring Fernando Casas!

·        Art Car Museum Exhibition: Video Talk and Stills, 2019.

·        Fernando Casas: Limits and Proximities, 2018.


·        El Hurgador - Fernando Casas I, 2020.

·        El Hurgador - Fernando Casas II, 2020.


·        Fernando Casas – Limits and Proximities: A Survey of Works Spanning Six Decades, 2018.

Writings by the Artist

·        "Incompleteness of the Visual World", January 2010.

·        “The Promiscuity of Power”,  ArtNexus, January 2000.

·        "The Limit of the Visual World", Leonardo, Vol. 26, November 2, MIT Press, 1993.

·        "Polar Perspective: A Graphical System for Creating Two-Dimensional Images Representing a World of Four Dimensions",  Leonardo, San Francisco, Volume 17, Number 3.

·        "Flat-Sphere Perspective", Leonardo, Paris, Volume 16, Number 1, 1983.

Writings about the Artist in Books

·          by Itsuo Sakane, ISBN4-02-255700-1, 1987.

·        Ensayos y Lecturas, by Luis H. Antezana, Pub. Altiplano, Bolivia, 1986.

·        Curvilinear Perspective, from Visual Space to Constructed Image, by Albert Flocon and commentary by Robert Hansen, University of California Press, 1989.

·        Pintura Boliviana del Siglo XX, by Fernando Romero and Pedro Querejazu, Banco Hipotecario Nacional, Jaca Book, 1989.

·        Memoria 1974-1994, Fundación Cultural Emusa, La Papelera, S. A., La Paz, 1994.

·        Retrospectiva, Dos Siglos de Pintura en Cochabamba, by Paula Lujan and Michela Pentimalli, Industrias Dinapel  LTDA, Bolivia, 1995.

·        El Dibujo en Bolivia, by Pedro Querejazu, Fundación BHN, La Paz, Bolivia 1996.

·        Pintores Bolivianos Contemporáneos,  by Armando Soriano Badani, Los Amigos del Libro, La Paz, Bolivia, 1993.

·        La Ciudad Imaginaria, By Alicia Szmulder, Editorial Offset Boliviana Ltda., La Paz, Bolivia, 1998.

·        El Gato Que Ladra, by Fernando Calderón and Javier Sanjinez, Editorial Ceres, La Paz, Bolivia, 1999.

·        Una Visión del Arte Boliviano Contemporáneo, Revista taller de análisis literario, Fundación Simón I. Patino. Ed. Colorgraf, Bolivia, 1999.


Articles about the Artist

·        Red Pub Magazine article by Kwane Adu Danso, 2019.

·        FABRIK, Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, Issue 40, Feb. 2019 Houston, Fernando Casas, Limits and Proximities , by Donna Tenant.

·        Literal - Latin American Voices / Voces Latinoamericanas, Fernando Casas, Before Oneself, by Fernando Castro R, Sept. 2018.

·        La Razón, Tendencias, Oct. 30 2018, La Paz, Bolivia, 'After Velázquez', de Fernando Casas, by Roberto Laserna. 

·        Nueva Crónica y Buen Gobierno.  Bolivia. Abril 2014, #142.

·       Fernando Casas” by Donna Tennant, Visual Art Source.

·        “Obras de Fernando Casas inundan galerías de Houston”,  by Myrtha Fernández, Los Tiempos, May, 7, 2014.

·       “Studio Visit: Fernando Casas”, by Virginia Billeaud Anderson, The Great God Pan is Dead, January 28, 2014.

·       Wonder Years”  by Steve Jansen,  Modern Luxury Houston Magazine, May 2014.

·       “Sketches: Fernando Casas. In his three-gallery exhibition, the Houston artist confronts the big questions.” by Peter Holley, Houstonian Magazine Jan 29, 2014.

·        “’The Mirror of Time’ painting depicts Lovett’s Hall’s Iconic arcade” by Jeff Falk, Rice University News and Media,  February 7, 2014.

·        “Fernando Casas” by Fernando Castro, V Visible Magazine, June 2003.

·        “Fernando Casas” by Fernando Castro,  ARTNEXUS  No 48, April 2003.

·        “La Ultima Crucifixión de Casas”, by Sergio Cáceres G. La Prensa, 13 February 2000, La Paz , Bolivia.

·        “Nomadismo y Plenitud” by Ruben Vargas. Pulso , 10 February 2000, La Paz, Bolivia.

·        “Pintor que Atrapa el Planeta”, by Cecilia Valdes Urrutia, El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile, 19 May, 1996.

·        “Arte desde el Corazón de los Andes”, by Pedro Querejazu, El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile, 7 April  1996.

·        “Cartografía Sin Norte” by Fernando Castro, Presencia, La Paz, Bolivia, 10 March 1996.

·        “La Pintura de Fernando Rodríguez Casas” by Michela Pentimalli, Los Tiempos, Bolivia, 1996.

·        “Vemos a través de los Conceptos” by German Arauz Crespo, La Razon, La Paz, 7 April 1996.

·        “Casas Espía el Punto Ciego de la Plástica” by Juan Carlos Ramiro Quiroga, Hoy, La Paz 7 March 1996.

·        “De la Filosofía a la Pintura”, by Cecilia Baya, Revista Cultural Sopocachi, No 16, La Paz, Bolivia, 1996.

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To Contact the Artist...


Fernando Casas
22214 Meadowsweet
Magnolia, TX 77355


(512) 298-8119